Only two things are sufficient for your free consultation process to start:

  • Your e-mail address
  • The surgery you are interested in

The process will continue with the information and photos we will request via the e-mail we send you.

Your suitability for the surgery that you want will be determined by our experienced surgeon’s medical evaluation.

Your feedback from the surgeon will be sent again via email. If the process is proceeded successfully and you have a positive feedback, you will be informed about the total cost of the surgery to be performed and the services you need to receive during the surgery.



The medical and travel services that you will receive start with;

  • picking you up from the airport together with your English-speaking translator. It takes approximately 40 minutes from the airport to your hotel / hospital with a VIP vehicle. (Depending on the type of surgery, our guest will be able to check-in the hotel or hospital directly).
  • Checking into the Hilton Garden Hotel will be made by the Peach Better travel team member who will accompany you. They will also inform you about the service you will receive, the hotel and your room.
  • The travel team member will take you to the hospital on your pre-determined surgery day. Our translator who will work in the hospital and will accompany you during your stay at the hospital will welcome you at the door of the hospital. He/She will help you to check-in the hospital and to settle in your hospital room. If you are going to have a companion, he or she can stay in the hospital room with you for free, or if you are taken to the hospital directly without checking into the hotel, he or she can stay at the same hotel as you will for a small fee. Our translator, who will be with you during the operation at the hospital, will help you complete the process in the hospital by translating the medical services.
  • You will be informed by your operating surgeon directly about your final checks at the hospital and your surgery and healthcare process.

(How many days you will stay in the hospital varies depending on the type of surgery to be performed.)

  • After your operation is performed and you receive your healthcare services, you will be discharged from the hospital. You will be taken to your hotel where you will stay until the return time by our VIP vehicle and translators.
  • Your post operative checks will be done in the hospital or surgeon’s office. During these checks, you will be transfered from your location to the areas where the checks will be carried out by VIP vehicles.
  • Your accomodations, breakfast and dinner, and hospital meals are included in the service package you will receive.
  • The picking up from the airport, transfers, translation services, and medical services such as pre-op blood tests, your operation, all medications and garments stated in this process are included in the package you will receive. You will not be charged additionally.

Additional Services

In addition to these services;

  • more than 12 hours of translation and / or accompanying service at the hospital, translation and / or accompanying service at the hotel, lunch at the hotel,
  • touristic trips in your spare time (such as visiting Temple of Artemis or the House of the Virgin Mary) are also our services that can be charged.

Izmir / Turkey is regarded as the sound of the water and wind. Our additional packages, which allow you to make the most of your time in this commercial city, which is on the shore of the Aegean Sea with its archaeological and cultural background, will be informed to you. If you wish, these services will be prepared for you with an additional fee.

Should you wish to proceed with your operation, you will be referred to the booking team for your operation and travel plan.

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